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Demographics are used when starting a nightclub especially in an area where you are not real familiar with the city.  They are used by many organizations to determine if they want to open a business in a certain area, or parts of the country that may be more inclined to buy a certain product, or even the tendency of how someone will vote, based on information that is gathered and compiled by many entities.

The information is critical and is broken down in many ways.  Young, old, male, female, children, seniors, income, etc. All cities will have this demographics information available to the public, on line also, and is available on line through the city, county, or Chamber of Commerce.

Wikipedia states in part "Researchers typically have two objectives in this regard: first to determine what segments or subgroups exist in the overall population; and secondly to create a clear and complete picture of the characteristics of a typical member of each of segments".

In starting a bar, restaurant, teen club, after hours club, strip club, you name it, the amount of people that is in a certain age group, is especially important information when opening a business.  This breakdown of information is invaluable.  It not only wiill break down how many people are in age groups, but also income parameters.  After all, you wouldn't want to build a "high end" nightclub if the average income for most people in the age group you are looking to attract, is real low.  It would mean they wouldn't have enough disposable income to frequent your place.  Get it?

Or, you wouldn't want to open a nightclub in an area that is mostly senior citizens would you?  Or, as for any other business you wouldn't want to try to sell cars that cost one hundred thousand dollars in an area where the medium income is twenty thousand dollars a year.  See what I mean?

Demographics are the most important things large companies look at when expanding, like in franchising situations.  You should really know the area before you start spending your money.  Whatever you do, don't take someone's word about how great an area is, as they aren't paying your bills, you are

So be sure to check out this information in your area before you do anything and click on the link above for a more in depth explanation.  I think you will be surprised about all the information that collected on the area's that we live in.

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